Sandra Gout, Sales Consultant at High Performance Cases at Flight Cases office in Denmark

Sandra Gout of High Performance Cases at Flight Cases office in Denmark

Dear Customers,

Just before Christmas 2018 we met up with our Scandinavian partners, Flightcases International A/S, to set the strategy for 2019. The goal for the coming year is to provide you with a greater range of products but not deviate from today’s quality levels.

With that in mind we will introduce the following for 2019:

  • Official launch of our Italian made EXTREME Cases brand that will offer all the robustness and strength of the likes of Peli but at a price that is affordable for end consumers
  • Included in our 2019 line-up is the full range of Peli Lights.
  • A brand new type of foam, Layered Foam, for the European market especially designed for DIY users who want a professional looking and hard-wearing foam without having to use an external company to design and manufacture it.

As for ourselves at High Performance Cases, we promise that in 2019 our discerning customers will continue to receive the greatest level of Customer Care and quality buying experience on all our product range.

We wish all our customers a prosperous and healthy 2019!

high performance cases 2019 happy new year

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