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Even Guns Need Protection

It’d be hard to imagine, but guns also need protection. If you are a man or a woman of the police force or the military, you would know that firearms, be it a pistol or the long guns – rifles, submachine guns, M16 assault rifles and suchlike, must be carried with the ammo with much precaution and safe-handling to protect them from impact, dust, theft (yes, these aren’t that rare), water and other harmful factors such as temperature and corrosion.

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Flight Cases for Concerts

When I first heard the words “Flight Case”, I must admit I questioned why it wasn’t just called a “suitcase”, I mean, it is a case that goes on airplanes, right? Well! After waking up and paying attention to Flight Cases’ many roles, I am in awe how this case that was originally designed by airline packaging engineers has made storing and shipping either by air or road such a breeze.

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Police Flashlights: Top Three Things Police Officers Look For

Peli engineering is constantly evolving to create top-quality gear that best serves professionals on the job. That’s Peli engineers work closely with police departments who rely on our tactical products to review and give feedback on what features they need on the force. For Peli’s newest 7 series tactical flashlights, two hard-working pros gave Peli honest feedback.

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Staying Equipped with Drones on the Field

Ever since corporations started using them to inspect pipelines and spray pesticides on farms in 2006, drones have only risen in popularity. Today, drones are widely preferred and used in the fields of journalism, filming, aerial photography, logistics, disaster management, healthcare, geographic mapping, structural safety inspections, precision agriculture, wildlife monitoring, border patrol, construction, storm tracking, forecast, and the list goes on and on.

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