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Even Guns Need Protection

It’d be hard to imagine, but guns also need protection. If you are a man or a woman of the police force or the military, you would know that firearms, be it a pistol or the long guns – rifles, submachine guns, M16 assault rifles and suchlike, must be carried with the ammo with much precaution and safe-handling to protect them from impact, dust, theft (yes, these aren’t that rare), water and other harmful factors such as temperature and corrosion.

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Peli Cases: Toughest Cases in the World

Extraordinary things happen when you don’t settle for anything but the best. In 1974, David H. Parker, a young Californian scuba diver was scouring the stores for a floating device that could mark the location of shipping anchors that he salvaged from the ocean floor. Unable to find any device that would do exactly what he wanted, he created one himself. Mr Parker’s marker-recovery device, called the Pelican Float, worked far better than any of its competitors.

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Peli Tool Case Review

Peli (or Pelican as they are known in the US) is a brand synonymous with high quality and rugged cases that can withstand the most arduous of treatment. Peli have recently come out with a range of tool cases made specifically for professionals such as automotive, electrical, aviation engineers etc or the hobbyists that take the protection of their tools seriously.

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