A high performance case is invariably a combination of a high-quality case and a top-performing case interior. Which is why, at High Performance Cases (HPC), not only do we provide world-class cases, we also design and provide top-quality cushioning materials and systems.

A high-performing case interior, such as the ones delivered by HPC, must do the following:

Safe cushioning:

Provide cushioning that protects your valuable items from impact, shock, vibration, moisture, chemical or any other form of harm.


Provide precisely-designed, secure, form-fitting grooves, cradles, pockets, and dividers for safe, quick and easy placement and containment for transit.


A high-performance case interior is designed to make identification, assortment, and picking of items as easy as child’s play. This helps improve shop-floor productivity, reduce delivery time, and enhance end-user experience, all of which mean better performance and therefore, better profitability.

Superior material:

A high-quality foam material is resilient, durable, and versatile. A resilient foam material, for example, is one that is water and chemical-resistant, and has flame-retardant and anti-static properties. A versatile foam material is one that suits a variety of applications. Or meets your particular need for, say sound-absorption or low abrasion for great-looking finish.
Above all, it must be eminently recyclable for environmental goodness. In other words, it can be reused and recycled many times before it experiences any degradation in quality.


The maker of your custom-case interior must put the performance and cost-efficiency of your choice before everything else.

The HPC Edge

At High Performance Cases (HPC), we deliver custom foam interiors with all the above features and more. Here’s how.

Design and precision

HPC’s design experts use advanced 3D CAD software to prepare designs that suit your exact specifications and needs. After your feedback and approval, the foam is shaped to your specifications by one of our state-of-the-art foam-cutting machines. Our foam-cutting capability is extensive, boosted by our automated CNC machinery. The combination of modern production facilities and extensive domain knowledge enables us to produce complex and customised items to a high level of quality and uniformity.

Expertise in top brands

HPC specializes in providing custom foam interiors for leading brands, including Peli Products, Extreme Cases, Nanuk, SKB, Zarges Eurobox, Maxado and others showcased on HPC and beyond.

A wide range of offerings

Thanks to our advanced foam-cutting technologies, we are able to deliver foam inserts with a variety of features: laminated foam, self-adhesive coated foam sheets, profiles, embossed, die-cut, angle cut, CNC-routing-cut and many more.

Material quality

A foam insert can be made from a variety of foam types depending on the size and weight of the items it will support. HPC supplies a wide range of leading foam brands including Ethafoam, Plastazote and technical foam types including Polyether Foam, and Egg Crate foam for both manufacturers and users.

World-class expertise and value-added services

We have the experience, skills and technology to provide single-source service for quality cases and packaging.
Armed with years of experience, HPC continues to offer successful custom-foam solutions to businesses with optimum material and logistics costs and high environmental sustainability through reuse and recycle initiatives.
Our foam inserts are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world’s finest and most expensive instruments and products, including sensitive equipment used by the military. We employ manufacturing processes that deliver high-quality products that meet a broad range of precise needs and specifications.
Our manufacturing plant has experienced significant growth over the years, incorporating the latest conversion machinery and techniques giving us the ability to offer a vast array of products and services.

For large-scale production

We provide protective packaging solutions for all aspects of industry from bespoke prototyping to large-volume production.
Our packaging capabilities cover the complete supply chain, including global sourcing, warehouse and logistical management, on-site vendor managed inventory services and e-commerce services.
Combining our advanced products with top-level customer service, we have been able to earn the loyalty of our customers who keep coming back for our efficient services and highly competitive pricing.

HPC’s customisable case-interior solutions

A lot of users want to customise case interiors on their own. For example, an industrial photographer or an electrician or a car mechanic would want to carry different sets of equipment to different locations. For all such needs, HPC provides an array of customisable foam types and adjustable systems that allow users to make their own custom case interior. HPC’s customisable and adjustable interior solutions can be ordered along with HPC cases or even bought separately for cases that users already own. Here’s a look at some of these options available at HPC:

TrekpakTrekPak: An innovative, DIY padded divider solution for high performance cases. The TrekPak system uses metal pins, instead of Velcro, to secure together the padded system.
pick n pluckPick N Pluck Cubed Foam: A ‘Pick N Pluck’ foam insert is made of pre-scored cubes which can be plucked to form well-defined sections for your items. The Pick n Pluck Cubed Foam is a highly cost-effective and secure type of foam that allows you to customise your case interior to your needs.
Kaizen FoamLayered Foam: A tough yet cost-effective type of foam, comprising layers that can be peeled off to make precisely-cut, customised sections. The foam contains white-coloured inner layers to provide for an easy contrast for a quick sighting of sections.
Divider SetDivider set: A padded divider system that provides adjustable partitions secured together by Velcro. Particularly useful for professionals who need adjustable layouts to hold new or different types of tools.
To know more about HPC’s custom foam inserts and other offerings, please visit our website www.highperformancecases.com or contact us at:
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