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High performance weapon cases protect guns and a lot more

It’d be hard to imagine, but guns also need protection. If you are a man or a woman of the police force or the military, you would know that firearms, be it a pistol or the long guns – rifles, submachine guns, M16 assault rifles and suchlike, must be carried with the ammo with much precaution and safe-handling to protect them from impact, dust, theft (yes, these aren’t that rare), water and other harmful factors such as temperature and corrosion.

High performance cases built especially for firearms do all these functions and more. Protective cases built by top brands come with an interesting (and much-needed) feature: they are equipped with an automatic purge valve that maintains air pressure inside the watertight case for it to float on water and therefore save the weapons from submerging.

Top brands like Peli and Extreme have been making protective cases of weapons for decades. Today, the technology used in the manufacturing of high performance protective cases is highly evolved.

Consider the EXTREME-800 Weapon Case, available at www.highperformancecases.com. EXTREME-800 is an injection-molded case, which is virtually unbreakable, dent-resistant and shatter-resistant. It is incredibly lightweight (6 KG), airtight and watertight and is fitted with a Vortex valve that automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water.

Or consider Peli 1720 Case, also available at the webshop. The case is made from ultra-high impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong, durable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof. And yes, there is an automatic pressure equalization valve plus six easy-open double-throw latches and padlock protectors.

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Many of these weapon cases, including the one above, conform to the best protection standards set by the industry and the military. For example, Peli 1720 is IP67 certified. IP 67 is a code for Ingress Protection 67, which means the case is waterproof. In addition the case conforms to standards such as ATA 300, STANAG, and MIL.

Similarly, if you want to carry the ammunition separately, you have protective cases for ammo, such as the Nanuk 905, which is also a high performance case with all the high-end attributes.

Foam Inserts for Weapon cases
No high performance case is complete without a foam insert. A high-performance foam case interior not only provides cushioning to the weapon, it also provides for ease of picking and use, which is of vital importance during tactical operations when every second counts.That’s why one must only get foam inserts from manufacturers who specialize in the business. Many weapon cases come with their own foam inserts. Peli 1720, for example, comes with a seven-piece foam set consisting of one convoluted top lid foam, one solid top lid foam, one center foam section, three Pick N Pluck foam sections, and one bottom foam base pad.

Often, law enforcement agencies or army divisions require large numbers of weapon cases for which they require customised foam inserts. At High Performance Cases (HPC), we specialise in making custom foam interiors for all such requirements and fulfill such orders that we receive from across Europe.

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