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When the going gets tough, the tough get a high performance case

Everyone learns from mistakes. Some mistakes are costlier than others. Like the time a competitive archer I know found her expensive, professional-grade archery bow damaged when she opened her bag just before an interstate tournament. She was devastated. Not only was it impossible to get a new archery set, which could only be imported, she had coached and persevered for years to be able to get a spot at the prestigious tournament.
Her mistake? It didn’t occur to her that an expensive, hard-to-obtain sports gear like an archery set needed to be carried in a high-quality protective case made for the purpose. As you do, she learned from her mistake. Now she carries her archery set in a shock-resistant, tamper-proof bow case made by a leading brand that specializes in making cases for professional sports gear.
She was lucky. Ignoring the need for the right protective case can cost you much more than a prestigious tournament, when you are, say, carrying weapons into a war. That is why professionals who work in demanding conditions such as those in the military, fire safety and rescue, aerospace, marine, life sciences, oil and gas exploration, mountaineering and wildlife photography and similar fields prefer high performance cases.

But what exactly is a high performance protective case?

As you know, a case is a pre-built, hard-shelled receptacle, meant to store and transport one or more items. A standard case is designed for regular, single-handed use, to be carried by people to work, like you would a briefcase, or to another place of travel and stay, for which you’d use a suitcase.

Besides storing and transporting one’s personal belongings, we may want cases to perform some additional function such as mobility, for which a case would be equipped with a wheel device called a caster. Or buy one with combination locks or harness straps and buckles for extra safety and security.

High Performance Cases: A class above

Then there are cases specially designed to protect highly expensive or fragile items from any form of damage, abrasion, sudden or violent movement, exposure to moisture, water, extreme temperature or harmful chemicals. You would require such cases to carry impact-sensitive electronic devices such as smart-phones, laptops, camera and similar others. Even more so for mechanical and engineering tools and equipment, precious artwork, medical instruments and temperature-sensitive vaccines, or any type of firearm or explosive used by the law enforcement and military personnel.

Cases specially made for all such types of items are called high performance cases, because they are expected to perform two vital functions. Both of these functions are of equal importance i.e. you cannot have one without the other.

One, a high performance case has a tough, resilient exterior. High performance exteriors are watertight, damage-proof, dustproof, and provide resistance against fire, electrical charge, chemicals and extreme weather. Top brands in the business such as Peli Cases and Extreme Cases make case exteriors known to withstand and survive horrific accidents, rocket attacks, snowstorms and in one particular case, the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. High Performance cases made by top brands are so resilient that they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Two, a high performance case has a high-performing case interior. These are made with high-quality foam inserts that not only provide excellent cushioning to the items, they are custom-designed to cover the items snugly from all sides to protect them from any form of movement or impact. In addition, the material used for case interior must have properties that make it resistant to water, fire, chemicals, dust, electrical charge and high variations in temperature.
The market for high performance cases has evolved over the last 50 years. Today, you have a large range of high performance cases to choose from, in terms of type of equipment or devices, case sizes, colours and many more aspects and needs. You can buy case interiors that come with cases or have case interiors custom-designed for yourself or your customers.

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HPC has the experience, skills, and technology to provide single-source service for quality cases and packaging. HPC’s cases are used to secure, protect, transport and display some of the world’s finest (and most expensive) instruments and products–including sensitive equipment for the Military.

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