Protect your laptop with high-performance Nanuk 923 Laptop case and its
many features

Say, you are travelling for work and your luggage encounters a minor bump during security check-in, what’s the first thing you’d worry about? Not the bottle of Chardonnay that you bought at the duty-free. It’d be your laptop, right?

Seasoned professionals know that a laptop is the most critical item – right along with the wallet, travel documents, and the smartphone – that must be protected and safeguarded by all means necessary when travelling for work.
Ask any techie, and he would tell you that the three biggest nemeses of a laptop are: liquid, dust and impact. Which is why a regular laptop sleeve or a briefcase is not the best choice of protection for your laptop. What you need is a high performance laptop case that is impact-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, secure, and is easy to carry and operate during transit under any condition.

High Performance Cases brings to you the Nanuk 923 Laptop case that ranks among the best of its kind.

The Nanuk 923 Laptop case is designed to fit most 15” laptops. The super-tough, IP67-waterproof and crushproof hard case made from Nanuk’s proprietary NK-7™ resin material protects your laptop from the dangers of travel while providing generous space for accessories and other valuable items such as your essential travel documents and mobile phone. In addition, the 923 Laptop case’s TSA-compliant Powerclaw latches make it the perfect solution for laptop check-in requirements.
Nanuk 923 Laptop Case: Main Specs
Laptop sleeve fits laptops up to 35.89 x 24.76 x 3.17 cm
Case without sleeve fits laptops up to 38.1 x 27 x 3.81 cm
Weight (empty): 4.5 kg
Temperature Range: Min -29°C  Max 60°C
Material: lightweight NK-7™ resin
Max Buoyancy: 18.1 kg
Airline Carry-On: Yes
Waterproof (Ip67): Yes
Warranty: Conditional Lifetime Guarantee
Certifications: ATA 300 | ASTM D4169 | Mil-std-810f | IP67 Rating

The Nanuk 923 Laptop case comes with a removable laptop sleeve, which doubles as a mobile workstation, and a stylish, detachable Aircell™ shoulder strap that converts the laptop sleeve into a sleek laptop carry bag. The Aircell™ shoulder strap can also be attached to the main case.

Furthermore, consider the following unmatched features of Nanuk 923 laptop case that make it a must-have for the professional on-the-go.

TSA-compliant Powerclaw Latches

The patented Nanuk’s Powerclaw latching system keeps your case securely locked while allowing TSA agents to inspect the contents of the case when required.
The PowerClaw clamps the case tightly closed and the integrated slide-lock prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

Softgrip Foldable Handle

The handle structure of Nanuk 923 Laptop case is engineered for durability, toughness and comfort. The handle, moulded from high-impact NK-7 resin, provides a soft-touch rubber pad for comfort and grip. The soft shock-absorbing material reduces fatigue when carrying heavy loads. The integrated handle stay system keeps the handle folded down to avoid damage during transit.

Rubber Feet

The integrated rubber feet provide a non-slippery surface that keeps the case in place during transport or when in use. The rubber feet also prevent the case from getting or causing scratches when placed on abrasive or delicate surfaces.

Put Your Own Signature

You can get your brand or label printed on or inside the case.
To add, you can buy accessories such as Nanuk Desiccant Container (to absorb moisture or humidity) and Nanuk TSA-accepted lock to go with the Nanuk 923 Laptop case.

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