Extraordinary things happen when you don’t settle for anything but the best. In 1974, David H. Parker, a young Californian scuba diver was scouring the stores for a floating device that could mark the location of shipping anchors that he salvaged from the ocean floor. Unable to find any device that would do exactly what he wanted, he created one himself. Mr Parker’s marker-recovery device, called the Pelican Float, worked far better than any of its competitors. More than four decades later, it is still the unquestioned segment leader and the preferred choice for sea divers, civilian or military, all over the world.

Two years later, Mr Parker founded Pelican Products, a company that continues to create waterproof, rugged torches and high-performance protector cases that outclass all others. Its products enjoy a loyal following among professionals who work in testing conditions in the fields of fire and safety, defence, law enforcement, life sciences, aerospace, industrial, journalism, travel industry and adventure sports and similar others.

Peli Products, the European extension of Pelican Products, was opened in January 1997 to provide the European customers with immediate access1 to its inventory and legendary customer service. An LA Times article written a few years ago2 noted that at Peli’s Torrance, California factory, the quietest place, “where not much seems to happen, was the warranty repairs department.” To Peli users, that’d hardly be a surprise – Peli Products are known to last a lifetime.

Our company, High Performance Cases (HPC), is one of the biggest stockists of Peli Cases in Europe. At any point of time, we carry more than 3,000 Peli Cases for our European customers. HPC’s webshop, www.highperformancecases.com showcases the largest selection of Peli Cases for business customers, public institutions, and individual professionals. HPC specialises in making Custom Foam Interiors for Peli Cases and delivers to customers throughout Europe.

HPC features the full range of Peli Cases, including:

Peli Protector Cases of all sizes for multi-industrial applications

At High Performance Cases, we offer the full range of virtually indestructible, IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and chemical-resistant Peli Protector Cases for valuable items of all sizes. From small and micro protective cases for your memory cards, cell phones, digital cameras, to medium-sized cases for laptops and tablets to large-sized cases with wheels that can transport military and industrial equipment, HPC sells and delivers them all.
Each Peli Protector Case uses an open cell core and solid wall construction, which is actually stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. Its patented automatic pressure-equalisation valve releases built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out, resulting in a watertight case which has enough air to keep it afloat in water. The secret to the Peli Cases’ watertight seal is the tongue-and-groove fit and polymer o-ring.

Peli Air

Peli Air cases are remarkably innovative protective cases designed for professionals who wish to travel light. A Peli Air case is up to 40-percent lighter than standard Peli legacy case, albeit offers the same legendary toughness that Peli is known and admired for.

Peli Weapon Cases

Designed originally for the U.S. Army, Peli Weapon Cases are used by military personnel all over the world for transportation of tactical gear, including small and big firearms, through extreme combat zones. High Performance Cases features Peli’s Weapon Cases that come with impact-resistant shell exteriors and shock-absorbent customised foams interiors that keep your firearms and equipment safe under any condition.

Peli Storm Cases

HPC features the full range of Peli Storm Cases that are built to protect and carry your sensitive and expensive equipment, be it camera, laptop or guns, through the harshest environments on earth.

Peli Tool Cases

HPC-featured watertight, dustproof and impact-resistant Peli Tool Cases are equipped with drawers and custom interiors with cut-outs for tools and hardware. Known for its strength and protection in the roughest environments, ease of tool-retrieval, airline handling and reliability, a Peli Tool Case is the preferred choice of tool storage for engineers and technicians everywhere.

Peli EMS Cases

High Performance Cases prides itself in making available Peli EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Cases to paramedics across Europe. Peli EMS Cases are renowned for protecting, storing and transporting medical supplies and other emergency medical gear. For example, the 1460 EMS Case has a three-tiered tray system, a top lid that opens up to 180° for anti-roll stability, and includes a lockable compartment for controlled substances.

Peli Backpacks

HPC features the complete line of Peli Backpacks and Duffel bags for everyone on the go, including students, photographers, tourists, and hikers, who want Peli’s renowned reliability, toughness, and ease of use to protect their valuable belongings when travelling.

Peli Accessories

High Performance Cases stocks and delivers to businesses and professionals all types of Peli accessories, including TSA Locks, Caster Wheel Kits, Peli Pick ‘N’ Pluck Foam Sets, and Lid Inserts. Here’s a quick look at some of the Peli accessories featured on HPC:

TSA Lock
A TSA Lock is a type of luggage lock that has been approved by the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). If you are travelling to the US, your luggage has to have a TSA Lock. TSA authorities and agents can choose to open, at their discretion, a passenger’s luggage for closer inspection. If the luggage is fitted with any other lock, TSA officials have the authority to destroy the luggage lock to gain access. No need to fret, because HPC has you covered. We provide TSA Locks for all types of Peli Cases to customers all across Europe.

TrekPak is a modular rack-and-pin divider system which forms a protective cocoon inside and allows for any configuration of your choice. HPC features TrekPak for a wide variety of Peli cases.

Caster Wheel Kit
A Caster Wheel Kit is a detachable roller with four wheels, two of which are with brakes. HPC offers Caster Wheel Kits for a variety of Peli Cases.

Peli Pick ‘N’ Pluck Foam Set
HPC features the revolutionary Peli Pick ‘N’ Pluck foam system that lets you customise the cut-outs in the foam base, providing each of your items a snug, fitting resting place. The Peli Pick ‘N’ Pluck Foam Set comprises layers of foam that contain tiny removable cubes, that can be adjusted to any shape and size to neatly outline your item or equipment.

Peli Lid Inserts
High Performance Cases brings to you lid inserts and organisers for a wide range of Peli cases.

HPC Custom Foam Inserts for Peli Cases

At HPC, we custom-design and manufacture high-quality foam inserts for all types of Peli Cases listed above and more. We use Solidworks 3D CAD design and CNC-guided manufacturing to give your case the exact fit and finish you want.

To know more about Peli cases and HPC’s other offerings, please visit our website www.highperformancecases.com or contact us at:
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Email: info@profortius.com

1. https://www.pelican.com/us/en/about/our-story/
2. Pelican Products proves as durable as the storage cases it makes. By Ronald D. White, Los Angeles Times. Published April 29, 2012