Peli (or Pelican as they are known in the US) is a brand synonymous with high quality and rugged cases that can withstand the most arduous of treatment. Peli have recently come out with a range of tool cases made specifically for professionals such as automotive, electrical, aviation engineers etc or the hobbyists that take the protection of their tools seriously.

There are currently seven different models available (and more to come) that can be viewed on These models include;

  1. Peli 1510 Tool Case – The smallest tool case in the Peli range
  2. Peli 1520 Tool Case – One size up from the 1510 but still small enough to take it anywhere
  3. Peli Air 1535 Tool Case – The lightest tool case in the Peli lineup
  4. Peli 1560 Tool Case – Ideally suited to the mobile engineer
  5. Peli 1610 Tool Case – The biggest tool case in the lineup and most popular
  6. Peli 0450 Mobile Tool Chest with Drawers – A traditional tool case but with huge capacity
  7. Peli 1460 Tool Case – More traditional tool case especially handy for small items such as screws etc

“Made of polypropylene with Peli guaranteeing a wall thickness of a minimum of 5.3mm”

On the outside, and at the heart of the value of Peli cases, the tool cases have the same characteristics as a normal Peli case. The body is made of polypropylene with Peli guaranteeing a wall thickness of a minimum of 5.3mm that gives the case its robustness.

In the centre and on top of the case there are two rubber over moulded carrying handles that ensure a good grip even in wet weather conditions. The handles fold neatly flat against the case when not in use. The trolley handle extends out of the top of the case. The handle has a plate between the outside two bars which help give it sturdiness. There is also a certain amount of play in the trolley handle so that it gives a better feel when you are dragging the case along rougher ground surfaces. This may seem like a small thing but you can be assured that when you are pulling along a heavy load it will make all the difference. The wheels on the Peli tool cases are made of hard plastic for longer life and extend slightly outward to raise the tool case so that the surface does not scrape over the ground.

At the front of the case is an automatic pressure purge valve, preventing high internal or external pressure from compromising the sealing of the case while keeping dust and water out. The purge valve also ensures that the case remains easy to open even after extreme altitude changes.

One of the most important features of the Peli tool case is the front two opening / closing latches. They are set deep inside of the case to ensure that they can’t accidentally flip open spill your precious content all over the floor or, worse still, down an inaccessible area. Furthermore, the latches are double-throw which means that it requires a double action to open and close the tool case and again acts as a safeguard to accidental opening.

All the metal components on the Peli tool case are made of stainless steel, including the hinge pins, wheel axels, ball bearings and the reinforced security holes for user supplied padlock / tie straps. The use of stainless steel ensures that there is no possibility of corrosion.

The rubber o-ring and seal components ensure the interior is waterproof / dustproof and are made of chemical resistant materials.

“The interior of the tool case has been designed with the professional in mind”

Turning our attention to the inside of the tool case, the interior has been designed with the professional in mind. In the lid there is a double-sided tool holder sleeve that allows you to organise and store your tools safely and securely. A second tool holder sleeve folds out of the top and acts as a lid for the bottom part of the case.

The bottom interior walls are protected by a high-density foam and have removeable laminated slats that allow you to increase or decrease the size of individual compartments as you see fit.

There is a Peli tool case available for all occasions or uses however each one is customisable with custom made foam inserts should this be required for your specific use.

Now to the best bit. Peli stands by its quality like no other. A lifetime guarantee on ALL parts of your Peli tool case ensures that this will be the last tool case you will buy!

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