Tips on buy and travelling with professional camera cases

Celebrated American war photographer and photojournalist Alfred Eisenstaedt once said that, “When I have camera in my hand, I know no fear.” It’s well-documented that his preferred choice of camera was the smaller hand-held Leica camera and he liked to use natural light more than flash lighting. As a matter of fact, most celebrated photographers have been known to be minimalists when it comes to camera gear. However, today’s industrial and commercial shoots require photographers to carry expensive camera equipment, that would include a whole range of lenses, memory cards, batteries, lighting equipment, tripods and other items. Here are a few tips for professional photographers who’d not only want to shoot fearlessly, but would also want to store and carry their camera equipment without fear as well:

Save it from the elements

Protect your camera gear from sand, dirt and especially, rain when doing outdoor shoots. Most professional camera crews carry camera rain covers to protect camera during a downpour or in dusty conditions. Do not open battery compartments when shooting in such conditions. Do not forget to clean the interiors of your bag regularly to remove the dirt and grit that could damage your camera. Most cameras are built to weather high and low temperatures, but why put them through the test? Be aware of the drastic rise or drop in temperatures while you are shooting, and carry protective gear to places that experience extreme weather conditions. Also, you would know it already, but let’s say it again: take out the batteries when storing your camera for a day or more.

Protect data as you’d your camera

Remember to take extra pairs of batteries and memory sticks and cards. A lot of professional photographers carry high-capacity hard drives of 1TB, which are lightweight and compact, for double back-ups. Make it a habit to upload your files to a reliable cloud service when on the move. A camera can be replaced, but a moment gone, is gone forever.

Travel light

Carry just the right number of lenses and other equipment that you need. Carrying extras and optional lenses limits your ability to focus on the shoot. When flying for a shoot, see if you can carry your camera equipment in your hand luggage – use a kit cube for the purpose.

Get a high performance case for expensive camera gear

Most commercial video and photo assignments require storage and transportation of a lot of expensive equipment. For that purpose, you need a specialised protective case that, even if a bit expensive, comes with a host of properties and features to protect your camera gear from impact, water, dust, built with material that can survive the toughest of conditions and equipped with custom foam inserts for extra protection and ease of accessibility.

To get an idea of the range of features that a high-performance camera case offers, consider the SKB ISERIES camera case available at

High performance case_blog Camera pro tip SKB-ISERIES-2213-12

Skb ISeries 2213-12 Case with Think Tank designed video dividers & lid organizer

SKB ISERIES 3i-2213-12DL case is watertight and dustproof, features hinged dividers, and a polyester-lined laptop top-load pocket, built-in wheels, and a pull handle for easy transport.

SKB has teamed up with Think Tank Photo—the premier photo/video bag and backpack company to design quality interiors for photographers and videographers with soft case adaptability and with the unparalleled strength and durability people expect from SKB Cases.

This case also features an adhesive-backed hook-and-loop attached lid organizer with laminated clear mesh pockets and a polyester-lined iPad/laptop top-load pocket.

High performance case blog Camera pro tip Peli 1510 Camera Case

Peli 1510 Camera Case with divider and lid insert

Or consider Peli 1510 Camera Case that is unbreakable, watertight, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof and includes an adjustable divider set and photo lid insert. This case also comes with other Peli standard features like the Automatic Purge Valve with Gore-Tex membrane, and easy open Double Throw latches and the lifetime guarantee.

Finally, when you are carrying highly expensive and sensitive camera equipment, get the equipment insured before you embark on your travel. To know more about HPC’s Camera cases and other offerings, please visit our website or contact us at:
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