Gun cases are available with a range of essential as well as advanced features

There is a wide variety of gun cases available in the market. Your particular choice of gun case will depend on the duration of storage and the conditions under which you store and carry your firearms. Broadly, you can choose from the following types of gun cases for your particular need.

Gun Socks

Gun socks, made of a range of soft material such as leather, nylon, and Silicone-treated Polyester knit fabric, are the popular choice of protection for all types and sizes of guns. Whether you are buying a gun sock for a handgun or an oversized scoped rifle, you will find gun socks in all sizes and their fabric base allows for stretching to fit angles, edges and even odd configurations of guns. Gun socks come with drawstring closures that prevent the entry of moisture or chemical that could damage the firearms.

Gun owners buy them to protect both the metal and the wooden stock from scratches, moisture (and therefore rust) and dust. Gun socks are great for storage, whether short term or long term, in your safe particularly when you own many types of guns — the protective material keeps guns from sliding as well as scraping each other. They are a great choice for transportation as well, especially as you can cover and carry the different types of scopes and other attachments in protective socks as well.

Guns socks are widely available in different colours and sizes, and are reasonably inexpensive so you can buy as many pairs you would need for each gun and accompanying attachment that you own.

However, there are times when guns need to be protected from harsher elements like impact, theft during long-distance transportation. For such time, what you would need is a hard-shell gun case.

Hard Cases

Hard-shell cases are made of wood, aluminum or composite material such as fiber-reinforced plastics that have corrosion and chemical resistant properties. Hard cases that come with safety latches and locks are perfect for storing and carrying guns when you want to protect them from impact, dust, humid air, and theft. A lot of high-end hard-exterior cases contain EV foam inserts that are custom-made for guns, attachments, and ammo, and offer the second layer of protection against impact and other damaging elements. The hard-shell gun cases come in two standard sizes — Handgun case, and Long Gun Cases.

High performance case blog hand gun case

Handgun Case
As the name implies, a handgun case safely stores pistols, magazines, and accessories at home and on the go. Made of hard material such as aluminum or thermoplastic polymer, hard-shell handgun cases protect your firearm from impact, dust, water, chemical and fire. You can also get cases that are made to store multiple guns and magazines with removable slots for extra ammo. All the hard-shell handgun cases come with combination locks, some with holes for padlocks for maximum security when on the move. You can also buy separate cases to store your ammo.

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Long Gun Cases
Hard-shell cases for long-barreled guns, or simply, long guns, are used by sports persons, hunting enthusiasts, security professionals on special missions and often by the military. Therefore, long gun cases, such as the ones available at are made from military-grade high-performance material that makes virtually indestructible, durable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof. High performance long guns of top brands such as Peli and Extreme case are equipped with an automatic pressure equalization valve that maintains air pressure inside the case while keeping the water out. In addition, long gun case have safety latches and padlock protectors that keep the guns secure while in transit. Long gun cases come with high-quality foam interiors, customised to fit firearms with accessories and ammunitions.

Customised foam Inserts for gun cases

High performance case blog Customized foam case
Good quality gun cases feature customised foam inserts made of superior quality foam that protects guns from shock, moisture and dust and provide ease of access. At HPC, we provide high-quality custom foam inserts for gun cases of all types and sizes.

Most gun owners are already well-informed about the type of gun case they want to safely store their prized possession and most of them don’t want to compromise on the quality and features they want in their gun cases. Your choice of gun case depends on a number of factors, including whether you want the case for short term or long term storage, the type of exterior, and whether you want to store and carry the accessories and the ammunition inside the case.

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